In Ghana, Soldiers attack #JusticeForKaaka protesters: 3 people has been killed , 4 in critical condition

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So is true that Ghana is among one of the freedom countries in the world ?

A day after the “butchered” social activist, Ibrahim Muhammad popularly known as “Macho Kaaka ” lost his life after a mob attacked him at about 1:30 am on June 26 on his way home, his friends and residents of the Ejura township poured onto the streets to protest his unlawful and barbaric murder.

4 Persons Shot At Ejura As #FixTheCountry Protesters Clashes With The  Military Again

The victim who was a member of the Economic Fighters League and the #FixTheCountry movement used his Facebook page to create awareness of the challenges facing his beloved Ejura unbeknown to him his good citizen initiative will attract him enemies.

The protest began just like any other, peaceful and serene until the arrival of the military to the area.

Protestors were coming at us with guns, machetes, other weapons - Africa  Lense

As grievous as Macho Kaaka’s murder was, it was more a grievous fault someone upon all the experience gathered in the security career, decided to deploy the military instead of the police, the security service trained and mandated by Article 202 of the 1992 Constitution to act in event of situations such as today’s protest.

As barbaric and unprofessional as they could be, some military personnel were seen jumping off a military vehicle combat-styled, one was even seen in the video positioning kill-styled and opening fire on the gathered crowd.

Ejura Riots; Efia Odo, Manasseh Azure, Wanlov and more speak against  military brutality. - Adwoa Adubia News

When the smoke and fracas had settled over the already darkened town due to the murder of Macho Kaaka, three more bodies laid dead with four others critically injured.

The military were closely followed by the police that fired a handful of warning shots into the air. The Municipal police commander alleged the protesters were seen with assault rifles contrary to media reports which prompted them to shoot and kill the protesters.

Macho Kaaka’s only crime was fighting for better facilities and services for his people and the three dead’s crime was standing up against a very rotten system and demanding for justice for the live of an innocent and valuable

Brother of the late Kaaka narrates how he was attacked -

Narrating and confirming the death and injuries of the deceased, the medical superintendent, Dr Mensah Manye who examined the bodies before they were buried said, “it is true, two people passed. One died before arrival and the other one died shortly, ten minutes after arrival. They had a severe gunshot injuries, penetrating directly through the chest.

Ejura: Details Of Persons Killed, Injured During Military And Police Clash  With Protesting Youth | Voix Of Gh

One was shot at the back into the chest and the other was through the left hand side of the chest so they died instantly.


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