30 Days To Internet Marketing Success


Google and the Internet have changed how the PR game is played and created an explosion of blogs, websites and social media platforms with an insatiable need for news. Small companies can create global visibility for their products on a pennies-a-day budget with online PR and Internet marketing If they know the tricks of the trade. Using a unique Rule of 30TMapproach, 30 DAYS TO ONLINE PR AND MARKETING SUCCESS helps busy business owners see results fast. Thirty short chapters are packed with practical tips and proven techniques to create online PR and marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your site and buyers to your products. You’ll quickly and easily learn how to: · Use online PR and keywords to climb to the top of search-engine rankings · Reach reporters and consumers with hot news and information · Blend online PR and Internet marketing to reach millions of targeted prospects on a small budget Looking for rapid online marketing results on a shoestring budget? 30 DAYS TO ONLINE PR & MARKETING SUCCESS is for you.



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