50 of the Most Powerful Spells on the Face of Earth

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This book contains a collection of the most famous and effective spells for all occasions. Spells will not only help you to achieve success in your career, to get protection from evil forces, but also the book will help you to find your real love. This book is a collection of different kinds of spells. There are different protection spells, purification spells, spells for beauty, attraction spells, spells for driving away evil, money spells, prosperity spells, nightmare spells, health spells, spells which can help you to loos your weight and many others.

Also there are many descriptions of different rituals and the lists of ingredients you need. This book will become an indispensable addition of the private collection of magic books as for a beginner magician, and for an experienced warlock.

A notable amount of ancient and medieval literature is anonymous. This is not only due to the lack of documents from a period, but also due to an interpretation of the author’s role that differs considerably from the romantic interpretation of the term in use today. Ancient and Medieval authors were often overawed by the classical writers and the Church Fathers and tended to re-tell and embellish stories they had heard or read rather than invent new stories. And even when they did, they often claimed to be handing down something from an auctor instead. From this point of view, the names of the individual authors seemed much less important, and therefore many important works were never attributed to any specific person.


5 reviews for 50 of the Most Powerful Spells on the Face of Earth

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