Egyptian Heaven And Hell


The Egyptian Heaven and Hell is a three-volume series, presented here in one convenient text, about the Egyptian underworld, or world of the dead. According to Egyptian mythology, the region of Tuat was where the people of this world went after death, and where the Sun God Ra traveled in his boat after dark. A description of this world was inscribed on the walls of tombs. Volume I of the series contains the complete hieroglyphic text and English translation of the Book Am-Tuat. Volume II contains the complete text and translation of Book of Gates, as well as the text and translation of the short form of Book Am-Tuat. Volume III contains information on the origin and contents of the Books of the Other World and a full index to Volumes I, II, and III. This comprehensive work is essential to students of Egyptian mythology and Wallis Budge. SIR ERNEST ALFRED THOMPSON WALLIS BUDGE (1857-1934) was born in Bodmin, Cornwall in the UK and discovered an interest in languages at a very early age. Budge spent all his free time learning and discovering Semitic languages, including Assyrian, Syriac, and Hebrew. Eventually, through a close contact, he was able to acquire a job working with Egyptian and Iraqi artifacts at the British Museum. Budge excavated and deciphered numerous cuneiform and hieroglyphic documents, contributing vastly to the museum’s collection. Eventually, he became the Keeper of his department, specializing in Egyptology. Budge wrote many books during his lifetime, most specializing in Egyptian life, religion, and language.



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