African Glory: the Story of Vanished Negro Civilizations

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From Introduction: There are two ways in which we can deal with the subject of African history. The first is to treat Africa as a whole and give an overall historical account without any special reference to racial types; the second is to regard Africa as the “Land of the Negroes” and to give a history of the Negro race. The first method – that of treating Africa as a whole without special reference to race – may be criticized by those who regard the Egyptians, the Ethiopians, the Moors and Berbers as belonging to groups which are foreign to the African continent, or at least entirely different from the Negro population. The second method – that of treating Africa as the land or home of the Negro race – can be criticized because the actual evolutionary area of the Negro species of Homo sapiens is unknown to us at present…


4 reviews for African Glory: the Story of Vanished Negro Civilizations

  1. Kofi Agyei

    Been looking for this book since. Thanks for making it available to the public 👍

  2. Mimi

    I found this book to be an excellent book due to the fact it covered a lot of material for such a small book.

  3. Paul

    Absolutely marvelous. Should be read and cherished by every man, woman and children!

  4. The Old Dog

    I bought this for my grandson. He read through it and I can tell it was a side of history that he had not been exposed to before.

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