Ancient Civilizations: From Beginning To End (Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt)


Ancient Rome is indeed an intriguing subject of history. The Roman Empire maintained European hegemony for half a millennium; it had legendary rulers like Augustus who as they say “found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.”

Inside you will learn about…

✓ The Rise of Rome
✓ The Roman Kingdom
✓ The Roman Republic
✓ The Roman Empire
✓ The Fall of Rome
✓ Ten Little Known Facts about Ancient Rome

This eBook relates the history of Ancient Rome from its dawn to dusk: The Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. The tumultuous wars, the celebrated rulers, the factors that occasioned the fall of Rome—every prominent event of this epoch is discussed thoroughly.
Structured in a very convenient style, the eBook provides a full account of Ancient Rome.

☆ Greece ☆

The foundation of democracy, the genesis of the Olympic Games, the cradle of Western thinking; the inspiration of the Renaissance—the world owes Ancient Greece a lot more than one might think.
Home to humanities greatest philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle and Plato, this era is enriched with a wealth of fascinating events. Spanning over a period of seven centuries and reigning over large territories stretching as far as Southwest Asia and the entire Mediterranean, the kingdoms of Greece were able to imbue half the world with their beautiful culture, art, literature and innovative thinking.

Inside you will learn about…

✓ The Rise of Ancient Greece
✓ Archaic Greece
✓ Classical Greece
✓ Hellenistic Greece
✓ The Fall of Ancient Greece
✓ Ten Little Known Facts about Ancient Greece

This eBook discusses each epoch of this electrifying era from beginning to end: The Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods and the fall of Ancient Greece. Enriched with riveting details of the era, this eBook will not only edify you but also keep you entranced.

☆ Egypt ☆

Beginning from its unification in the 3rd millennium BC and ending in its annexation by the Roman Empire in 30 BC, Ancient Egypt had spanned for nearly 30 centuries, leaving behind a wealth of relics that continue to entrance the modern world.
From the great pyramids of the Old Kingdom to the hypnotic tomb of Tutankhamen, Ancient Egypt is a topic of intrigue that has earned universal prominence. In fact, its unending stream of allure has established a study of its own: Egyptology.

Inside you will learn about…

✓ The Beginning of Ancient Egypt
✓ The Old Kingdom
✓ The Middle Kingdom
✓ The New Kingdom
✓ The End of Ancient Egypt
✓ 10 Little Known Facts about Ancient Egypt

Styled in a very convenient structure, this eBook discusses each epoch of the period: the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, the three Intermediate periods and the demise of the Empire. It also dilates on the various dynasties and pharaohs that reigned.
The eBook provides a through insight into one of history’s greatest eras.



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