Ancient Egypt: The Egypt of Ramses II


You’ve probably heard about Ramses the Great, but you don’t know much about him. Have you ever wondered what his life looked like? Why he was named as the Great? Maybe you just want to know more about ancient Egypt?

In all of Egypt’s long and storied history, Ramses the Great stands out as one of the best known and successful of all. His rule was marked by economic prosperity, successful military campaigns, and impressive building projects.

The Egypt of Ramses II is the biography of his own unique story. Born into a royal family with a strong military background, he was destined to become a great leader. This story is based on REAL events. I’ve studied and researched ancient Egypt for years, and deeply understand their history, culture and passion. The biography I present contains correct, engaging and organized information.

Ramses the Great.

For many reasons, Ramses the Great has remained at the forefront of our idea of ancient Egypt. In many ways, he seems to epitomize what it means to be a mighty pharaoh. His rule was marked by impressive conquests of both lands and ladies. He was a grandiose personality that wanted to ensure that his memory (how he wanted to be seen) lived on. He achieved this through his many different construction projects and artistic depictions of events during his rule. His 66-year rule was marked by stability, success, and a desire to be remembered. In this, his certainly achieved his aims.

What will you learn about the Egypt of Ramses II?


  • In-depth family history with illustrations.
  • Background information of his childhood.
  • His military campaigns as a conqueror and the battles he fought.
  • His romances and passion for women.
  • The numerous famous constructions under his name, such as the temple complex Abu Simbel and the Ramesseum.
  • The biblical story of Ramses the Great in the Old Testament.
  • The legacy he left behind as one of the greatest rulers of Egypt.


Questions that are being explained in great detail.


  • Who was Ramses II?
  • How did he become king?
  • What has Ramses II accomplished?
  • How did he grow up?
  • What was his role in society?
  • What happened to Egypt after he died?
  • Why is he named as “the great”?


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