Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World


A voracious student of Ancient Egypt, Massey’s enquiries deepened and widened as years went by. This work, standing at over half a million words, examines the importance of individual Egyptian Gods, and the significance of the hieroglyphic language. Rich in symbolism and meaning, it is through analysis that Massey demonstrates how each of the ancient Gods held bearing over every aspect of human life, strengthening and perpetuating Egypt’s traditions and culture for millennia.

The relationship between Egypt’s spiritual lore and the astronomical science of the ancient world is duly explored, as is the influence which Egyptian belief wrought upon the Hebrews. We find that Biblical stories of the Old Testament, such as the deluge of Noah’s era, have a basis in Egyptian religion and knowledge. Controversially, the author demonstrates how aspects of the story of Jesus Christ have their roots in stories and writings dating thousands of years prior to his birth.

Massey himself considered this lengthy and detailed book to be the sum of his researches, which spanned decades. As such it is storied and dense, yet filled with immense insights.



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