Christianity Before Christ

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Nothing is new or original in Christianity. All features and components of what is now known as Christianity were present ni mythologies that flourished before Jesus is alleged to have lived, and this book shows how those myths evolved into today’s religion


6 reviews for Christianity Before Christ

  1. Kim Roberson

    Great book to be introduced to the parallel story’s of Horace and Jesus… This book is a historical document. It’s the reason Egyptian pics have been destroyed. Here one can find truth to begin enlightenment. …

  2. Josharmond Romney

    Being part of a religious Christian family , day to have a practical and logical view point of the accounts of Jesus Christ, what his teachings and stories are based off of. I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially those looking for answers to Christianity especially. Those who can not settle for just the stores in the Bible and wonder more. Who want to teased him more before blindly accepting anything. This is the book for you. Happy reading. Knowledge is key.

  3. Dores Nalwanga

    Very interesting to know and wonder! If you want to know and wonder this is the book to read very impressive
    how some religions are similar!

  4. Amos

    all African American should read this book, especially us ,but every one with a religious interest should make this reading a priority in their lives to correct ancient biblical history.

  5. Robert Johnson

    A book. One of the most impactful books that I have read.

  6. Diana

    John G. Jackson books always provide so much evidence and proof of history. Fantastic information.

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