Cold War and Black Liberation_ The United States and White Rule in Africa, 1948-1968


For too long Africa has been the dark continent in the history of American foreign relations. Recent debate over the importance of human rights, however, has focused attention on that continent. Thomas Noer’s study of U.S. policy toward the regimes of South Africa, Rhodesia, and Angola is among the first to explore the African angle in American diplomacy. It is also the first work to analyze the influence of the American civil rights and black power movements on foreign relations. Based on extensive research in recently declassified materials, Cold War and Black Liberation documents the intense debates and diplomatic dilemmas arising in 1948 with the triumph of South Africa’s Nationalist party and its ensuing policy of apartheid. In the context of the emerging civil rights movement in the United States, Noer then details America’s response to the international problem of white rule on a black continent, concluding his study with an epilogue that carries the narrative into the 1980s. Noer’s study also illustrates the basic conflict in American diplomacy between traditional commitments to majority rule and human rights and more immediate (and often prevailing) strategic, economic , and political interests. The emotional issues of race, human rights, and anticommunism make policy decisions complex and controversial, as American blacks, black Africans, European allies, and the white minority governments all lobbied to influence U.S. policy. — Book jacket.
Table of Contents
White rule on a black continent: background of a diplomatic dilemma — Race and containment: the Truman administration and the origins of Apartheid — “Premature independence”: Eishenhower, Dulles, and African liberation — New frontiers and old priorities: America and the Angolan revolution, 1961-1962 — The pursuit of moderation: America and the Portuguese colonies, 1963-1968 — “No easy solutions”: Kennedy and South Africa — Distracted diplomacy: Johnson and Apartheid, 1964-1968.


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