Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion

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Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion, 2nd edition, is a greatly expanded and updated reference work that builds on the foundation of the highly successful previous edition. The first to integrate psychology and religion in the context of modern social and behavioral sciences, Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion continues to offer a rich contribution to the development of human self-understanding. A significant number of new entries and of updated original entries provide even more comprehensive coverage. This reference work provides a definitive and intellectually rigorous collection of psychological interpretations of the stories, rituals, motifs, symbols, doctrines, dogmas, and experiences of the world’s religious and mythological traditions. A broad range of psychological approaches are used in order to help readers understand the form and content of religious experience as well as offer insight into the meanings of religious symbols and themes. It provides a technical and phenomenological vocabulary that will enable collaboration and dialogue among researchers in both fields. Easy to read and scrupulously edited, the encyclopedia draws from different religions, including modern world religions and older religious movements. It is of particular interest to researchers and professionals in psychology and religion.



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