From Fetish To God Ancient Egypt


For centuries, historians have been excavating the secrets of Ancient Egypt, but there has never been another text quite like From Fetish to God. Written by one of the foremost Egyptologists of his time, this classic book is as ambitious as it is vast. Keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum, author E.A. Wallis Budge submerged himself in the historic tablets, artifacts, and scrolls that are our best clues to understanding the fascinating peoples that inhabited the Nile River delta over 4000 years ago.

As the title suggests, Budge focuses on the religious beliefs and practices of the Ancient Egyptians. The special attention to the predynastic origin of these archaic rites and deities set this book apart from others in the genre. With expert skill, the author interweaves the evolution of theology with coinciding shifts in political power, that ultimately lead to the emergence of Egypt as an early superpower. The first half of the book catalogues the transformation of religion along the Nile, a dynamic theology peppered with animistic cults, fetishes, and a deep respect for the power of magic. Part II includes select translations of hymns recited in reverence to these gods and idols of yesteryear. The combination of analysis and translation in one text is uncommon in books of this field, and makes this gem by Budge especially fruitful. To round out the piece is a selection of myths and legends, and an astute essay by revered Egyptologist Sidney Smith. Far reaching, intriguing, and illuminating, From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt will delight all who explore it.



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