Guerrilla Selling 2 – Guerrilla Marketing Expert


Use Guerrilla Marketing strategies to build a profitable business ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ has led the marketing world into the 21st century since its formation in 1984, running trainings, seminars and producing a best-selling series of books which have sold around the world. The Guerrilla Marketing Revolution is a major new book for today based on new material. It details some of the most exciting recent discoveries in Guerrilla Marketing. It takes the proven methods, strategies and weapons of Guerrilla Marketing and intertwines these with advanced psychology and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to present new Guerrilla weapons with clear and detailed instructions for their application. The result is a selection of marketing tools and skills perfectly suited to today’s needs, aimed directly at the decision maker – the unconscious mind – in order to shorten the sales cycle and offer a structured approach to consistent marketing success.


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