History: The Ancient Civilizations That Defined World History 4th edition


These are the people who paved the way for the life that we know and love today. It is through their accomplishments that we have taken an improved upon for centuries to bring our modern lifestyles to life

Each of these ancient groups contributed to our understanding of the world around us and still today have manage to invoke a sense of awe and power.

Here’s just a few thing you’ll learn about:

• The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
• The influence of the emperors in Ancient China
• The might of the Aztec
• The triumphs of the Greeks
• The prominence of Carthage
• The importance of the Inca Empire
• The brutality of the Celts
• and much much more!

If you have ever wondered about the civilizations of our past or wanted to know more about the origins of civilized life as we know it, you need to start here. With History: The Ancient Civilizations That Defined World History we open for you the key to a world of wonder and mystery. Step inside and begin your journey today!



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