How Africa Developed Europe_ Deconstructing the His-story of Africa, Excavating Untold Truth and What Ought to Be Done and Known

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Whether Africa is developed or not, depends on how and what one addresses. Development is relative. Nonetheless, the fact is: Africa developed Europe; and thereby became underdeveloped. Addressed academically, the notion of development creates many questions amongst which are: Development in what? Whose development? Development for whom? Who defines development? In this volume, the development dealt with is polygonal; and touches on politico-economic sequels which also affect the social aspect. No doubt. Africa is abundantly rich in terms of resource and culture. Paradoxically, however, Africa is less developed economically compared to Europe thanks to the history of unequal encounters, among other reasons. We cannot emphasise enough the fact that Africa’s underdevelopment is the price of the development of Europe which is based on historical realities gyrating around Europe’s criminal past wherein slavery and colonialism enabled Europe to spawn its future capital and investment. How can anyone quibble about Europe’s development resulting from perpetual plunderage of Africa with impunity committed by European treasure-hunting adventurers? This volume prescribes Africa’s restorative recompense as the only way forward for the duo and the world.


7 reviews for How Africa Developed Europe_ Deconstructing the His-story of Africa, Excavating Untold Truth and What Ought to Be Done and Known

  1. shadow

    Cannot put the book down, wanted this book for the last 6 years, came at the
    right time in my life. One of the best books i have ever read, brilliant purchases.

  2. Kingsley OSEMWEGIE

    The content of the book is quite informative and sets one thinking deep and broad.

  3. Lopes

    This book really provides the connection between capitalism, enslaved Africans as capital and the modern economy and how it all emerged out of the natural progressions from feudalism. Very interesting. This should be read with Gerald Horn’s book about the United States American Revolution and the counter revolution of the enslaved African’s who in large part provided a major reason for the US’s breaking away from the British. You really see how the victors get the spoils and get to define history.

  4. Lopes

    If you want to get an overview of African problems without speaning hours of research, read this book. It’s short. It goes straight to the point and provides a wide variety of facts. So, yes, I do recommend it.

  5. Jayne

    Must read for understanding today’s Africa. It’s a bit polemical, but an polemical situation. After digesting this one: read a few about China’s work in Africa.

  6. Fernando

    If you think this book speaks only bon Africa, think again. Read carefully, take notes, and deeply consider the wisdom of the late Mr. Rodney. The messenger is always the first to go…

  7. Nicholas Gordon

    Great read. Very scientific in essence. Theres much to be learned about the great empires if Africa and how Africa was looted by Europe

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