How To Make Girls Chase


You’re 5 Texts Away From A Date With Her…

Do you know most men make texting girls far HARDER than it needs to be? And that it can be SIMPLE to text a girl you like out on a date?

This easy-to-use, step-by-step guide shows you how to text a girl, what to text, and when to text it to her.

If you’re tired of “spin your wheels” texting advice, buy this book. Its approach draws from 18 cutting edge scientific studies on texting… And it’s written by the founder of the highest traffic men’s dating advice website on the Internet,

What you will learn inside:


    • Who the 4 kinds of texters are (plus: which one YOU are) – pg. 2


    • How to text a girl you like (use the powerful JGIG texting system) – pg.10


    • Exactly what to text girls: what topics to text and which to AVOID – pg. 62


    • The 4 BIG reasons most guys struggle to turn phone numbers into dates (these are so easy to correct) – pg. 74


    • How to tell if a girl likes you over text… Do this ONE thing, and you will know, with certainty, if she like you or not – pg. 67


    • How to “break the ice” with a girl over text in a way that kills awkwardness and gets her to text you – pg. 52


    • How to get a girl to LIKE you over text (hint: no clueless questions or long-winded text jousts!) – pg. 15


    • What to do when a girl doesn’t text back – apply these 2 dos and 2 don’ts, and you’ll get her texting today, 4 times out of 5 – pg. 72


    • How to flirt with a girl over text and make her EXCITED to meet up with you – you’ll learn why “less” is “more”, and just how much to actually do – pg. 31


    • An easy way to make sure girls almost never cancel the dates you plan with them over text. To do this, you’ll use a simple, powerful trick called the “pre-meeting text” – pg. 68


    • What to do if a girl flakes on you (the good news: handle this well, and her attraction for you goes through the ROOF) – pg. 85


    • How to make a phone call to a girl that “resets” her interest in you (this works like magic at times when nothing else does) – pg. 92


    • The single most EFFECTIVE way to resume texting a girl you haven’t talked to in weeks or months – pg. 112


    • How to start a conversation with a girl over text message; to do this right, you MUST use one of the two (2) patented “text objectives” – pg. 28


  • An example text conversation, start to finish, that ties EVERYTHING in the book together (this lets you see how all the pieces work, end to end) – pg. 134

… plus tons more examples, scientific study findings, and rules to texting women most men NEVER unearth… no matter how many texts they send.

As a FREE bonus, only for book buyers, you’ll receive the GC URL to a 93-minute bonus podcast on texting with girls.

In this bonus podcast, Chase answers 79 texting questions from readers (like you)… on EVERY imaginable texting women question.

This podcast is not available to the public, or anywhere else. It exists solely as a “thank you” to buyers of this book.

If you’d like more dates with more girls, buy this book.

If you’d like the girl you’ve texted forever to finally SEE you, buy this book.

If you want to stop wasting time on text conversations that go nowhere… and have fun, concise text chats that get girls OFF their phones and OUT in person with you… then buy this book.

How to Text a Girl won’t just change your texting habits. It’ll change your entire dating life, forever.

Click the “Buy Now” button at the top of this page and get your copy of How to Text a Girl now!


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