In the Black: A History of African Americans on Wall Street


Here, for the first time, is the fascinating history of the AfricanAmerican experience on Wall Street as told by Gregory Bell, the sonof the man who founded the first black-owned member firm of the NewYork Stock Exchange. A successful finance professional in his ownright with close ties to leading figures in both the blackfinancial and civil rights communities, Bell tells the stories ofthe pioneers who broke down the ancient social and politicalbarriers to African American participation in the nation sfinancial industry. With the help of profiles of many importantblack leaders of the past fifty years including everyone from JesseJackson and Maynard Jackson, former mayor of Atlanta, to E. StanleyO Neal, COO and President of Merrill Lynch, and Russell Goings,founder of First Harlem Securities and cofounder of First HarlemSecurities he shows how in the years following World War II thegrowing social, political, and financial powers of AfricanAmericans converged on Wall Street. Set to publish during BlackHistory Month, In the Black will be warmly received by AfricanAmerican business readers and general readers alike.



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