Jesus Never Lived!: Volume 1 Jesus Christ: A Pagan Myth


“Jesus Never Lived! Volume 1 Jesus Christ: A Pagan Myth” 3rd Revised and Expanded Edition (Over 225 pages have been added to the previous edition). “Jesus Christ: A Pagan Myth” explores the pagan origins of Christianity and shows that Jesus Christ never lived. This book is for doubting Christians, x-believers, atheists, agnostics, and those who are just plain curious about whether a man could walk on water! We have focused on the evidence of the Roman Empire in the first and early second centuries CE. Part 1 is a 170 page detailed analysis of the Gospel of Mark. It shows that the religious beliefs of Mark were derived from the pagan world. The Gospel is a pagan myth in Jewish dress, as Bruno Bauer pointed out more than 100 years ago. Our analysis deals with questions like: Why does Mark share anti-Jewish beliefs like those of the pagan historian, Tacitus? Why are the last words of Jesus dying on the cross: “Why have you (God) abandoned me?” (Why does Jesus feel he is dying a failure, that he has been abandoned by God?) Part 2 Who Created Jesus? Paul was a member of a mystery religion; otherwise, why is there a striking similarity between the religion of Paul and the pagan mystery religions which surrounded him? The 225 pages of Part 2 provide a detailed analysis which shows that the Paulinists (followers of Paul) created the Jesus of the Gospel of Mark, or at least proto-Mark. The reader may wonder, if the followers of Paul created the Markan Jesus how do we deal with the following questions? Why does Paul’s cosmic savior, the triumphant divine Christ, not appear in the Markan Gospel but rather Jesus, a human failure dying in despair on the cross? Why were Jesus and his disciples spiritually defective (Jesus’s lack of faith of Jesus on the cross; Peter’s three denials of Jesus)? Why does Paul know nothing about the historical Jesus Christ of Mark’s Gospel? (Paul does not know that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, performed miracles, taught people, was tried by Pilate, and died in Jerusalem, etc.) How was it that Paul’s savior offered salvation to all (at least to non-Jews), whereas the mission of Mark’s historical Jesus was only to Jews? Why does the human Jesus become semi-divine in the birth scenes in Matthew and Luke and totally divine in John’s Gospel? “Jesus Never Lived! Volume 1 Jesus Christ: A Pagan Myth” answers all of the questions listed above and more. The 400+ pages provide much evidence to show that Jesus is a pagan myth in Jewish dress. Jesus never existed. For more, see the Look Inside feature for the Table of Contents etc. Also, see: “Jesus Never Lived! Volume 2 Jesus and Plato on Hell” is a supplemental volume which examines the Pagan views on how one is saved and on the afterlife as found in Plato and the Stoic writings of Seneca. These pagan views are compared with the Christian views found in the Gospel of Mark and the letters of Paul. Our conclusion is that the Christian views on salvation and the nature of the afterlife were derived from the pagan world, thus providing more evidence for the mythical Jesus. Jesus Christ never lived. Jesus is a pagan myth. Christ is a literary fiction. “Jesus Never Lived! Volume 3 The Pagan Morals of Jesus Christ” provides supplementary evidence that Jesus is a pagan myth by showing that Christian ethics were derived from the pagan world, particularly from the Roman Stoics.



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