Mental Slavery: The Liberation Chant


The Liberation Chant. The world suffers today from the lack of understanding of God and the purpose of life. Humanity is almost failing due to the misunderstanding of individualism and capitalism. Information has become a tool of slavery. The chains and locks of slavery are no longer in the hands but in the minds. The African continent and its people are becoming endangered humans in the only world they know due to mental slavery. They are unable to produce what they consume or consume what they produce.

Leaders must look into the mirror ones in a while and when they do so, they must see the reflection of the people they serve and not themselves. The physiognomy of a human being or his skin colour does not determine the weight or power of his intellect hence racism must be abolished today for mankind to rediscover new and better frontiers of life. Those who claim being chosen by God and those who claim being better than other race must be careful with such assertions as such claims have not been revealed to mankind by God but by the same people who make them and make the world believe.

A slave is a person held in bondage; a thrall. A person in physical, moral and (or) mental captivity. Mind is the human consciousness that originates in the brain and is manifested especially in thoughts, perception, emotion, will, memory, and imagination. Information is the food of the mind and it is an ordered sequence of symbols, data, instruction, mental stimulus, perception, representation, meaning, pattern, communication or knowledge that transmits a message. The human mind is the powerhouse of the body and when the mind is arrested or functionally disabled with any form of information, then the person is incapacitated.

Mental Slavery is a situation whereby a person’s mind is drifted to the wrong course, held still (motionless) or fed with poisonous (damaging) information. A mental slave is one who is mentally held captive with deceptive information or a person whose mind is held motionless. Back in the days, Africans were captured, some bought and taken on slave ships to strange lands, where through their hard labour, pain, blood and sweat, great nations were built, but today, another form of slavery, a more dangerous one unseen to the naked eyes, plagues the African continent and its people.

Generally, Mental Slavery is primarily as a result of misinformation, weird superstitions, unhealthy and standstill traditional beliefs and cultural practices, faulty and weak education, misuse of religion and maladministration of religious doctrines by untrained individuals; reverse modern day colonialism (neo-colonialism) and generally, any form of mind diversion that is intended for deceitful purposes.Anyone who acts upon or holds firmly and conscientiously in his mind information that cannot be proven in any manner scientifically or logically, that person is a mental slave. False religious teachings and abuse of religious tools have contributed a lot to mental slavery most especially in the African continent. The African continent has more churches than factories in these present times yet the crime rate in the continent keeps rising. Africans worship God more than any other continent of this earth yet they suffer most from poverty and diseases. Common sense has disappeared in the African continent and God has become a commodity or a commercial entity in Africa. It is time that Africans begin to wage war against mental slavery that is the primary problem and disease that plagues the continent.



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