My kids can : making math accessible to all learners, K–5


Teaching mathematics to a range of learners has always been challenging. With the widespread use of inclusion and RTI, having a variety of effective teaching options for students who struggle is more important than ever. In My Kids Can, you’ll get instructional strategies that allow all struggling math learners to move along the path toward grade-level competency. In My Kids Can teachers share successful ways to work with struggling students. Their instruction is aligned with the NCTM standards and guided by five powerful core principles.

  • Make mathematical thinking explicit.
  • Link assessment and teaching.
  • Build understanding through talk.
  • Expect students to take responsibility for their own learning and support them as they do.
  • Work collaboratively with special education staff to plan effective instruction.

These teachers describe how they use whole-group, small-group, and individual instruction as well as other strategies that hold kids to high expectations while scaffolding content and processes across the math curriculum. In addition, an accompanying DVD presents classroom footage of their teaching and includes the language, dialogue, and teaching moves you’ll adapt for success with your students. The DVD also contains teacher interviews that answer difficult questions of practice. Best of all, with professional learning questions and video analyses, My Kids Can is great for individuals, teacher study groups, staff development, and preservice courses. Help every child grow as a mathematician. Trust your fellow teachers for instruction that works. Read My Kids Can and use its proven-effective strategies and its professional supports to build on your students’ strengths and address their learning needs.



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