Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law


The Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law is an advanced level reference guide which provides a comprehensive and contemporary overview of the corpus of international environmental law (IEL). The Handbook features specially commissioned papers by leading experts in the field of international environmental law, drawn from a range of both developed and developing countries in order to put forward a truly global approach to the subject. Furthermore, it addresses emerging and cross-cutting issues of critical importance for the years ahead.

The book is split into six parts for ease of reference:

    • The Legal Framework, Theories and Principles of International Environmental Law – focuses on the origins, theory, principles and development of the discipline;



    • Implementing International Environmental Law – addresses the implementation of IEL and the role of various actors and institutions, including corporations, intergovernmental organisations and NGOs;



    • Key Issues and Legal Frameworks – brings fresh perspectives of the common general issues of international environmental law, such as biological diversity and marine environmental law;



    • Regional Environmental Law – explores the specific regimes developed to address regional environmental issues, considering the evolution, prospects and relationship of regional law and mechanisms to IEL;



    • Cross-Cutting Issues – considers the engagement of international environmental law with other key fields and legal regimes, including international trade, human rights and armed conflict;



    • Contemporary and Future Challenges – analyses pressing current and emerging issues in the field including environmental refugees and climate change, REDD and deforestation, and ‘treaty congestion’ in IEL.



This up-to-date and authoritative book makes it an essential reference work for students, scholars and practitioners working in the field



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