THE BIBLE AND EGYPT In Search of a Correct Egyptian Chronology


When asked what the greatest commandment was Jesus told His followers to love God
not just with all their heart and soul but also with all of their minds. Contrary to the opinion
of many, He told His followers that their faith is not to be a blind faith. The use of the word
mind implies that a person‟s faith in God and the reliability of the Bible is not to be a blind
faith where one believes without evidence, or even worse, believe when the evidence
contradicts what one has faith in.
Archaeologists have provided a vexing problem for Biblical scholars where the place in
archaeological history where one would expect to find evidence supporting one of the
greatest Bible stories of all – the Exodus – is showing up no support whatsoever according
to the conventional chronology adopted by Egyptology.
If the Bible is true where is the evidence for the Exodus or is the Bible’s account a myth, a
lie as many archaeologists claim?

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