The Myth of Nazareth


Sure to upset biblical inerrantists and conservative pundits alike, The Myth of Nazareth: The Invented Town of Jesus presents convincing archaeological evidence that the town of Nazareth was not settled until after the First Jewish War — around 70 CE. In this book researcher René Salm proves that a core element of the Jesus story was an invention of the evangelists who wrote their gospels towards the end of the first century CE — as it turns out, at the same time the village of Nazareth was coming into being.
Requiring eight years of painstaking research, The Myth of Nazareth surveys the archaeological record of the Nazareth basin from the Stone Age until modern times. It guides the reader through a stunning odyssey of discovery — one which exposes not only the true history of the site but also a scandalous history of evidentiary suppression reaching back into Early Christian times.



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