The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt vol 1


A comprehensive, authoritative reference source which brings together centuries of scholarship and the latest research on every aspect of Egyptian life. Featuring 600 original articles written by leading scholars The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt goes far beyond the records of archaeology to make available what we know about the full social, political, religious, cultural and artistic legacy of this 5,000 year civilization. Of special interest is the Encyclopedia’s coverage of themes and issues that are particularly controversial – such as new theories of the origins of complex society in the Nile Valley, new findings from the Nile Delta, new discoveries about Greco-Roman Egypt, and new developments in literature, religion, linguistics and other fields, including the debates about Egypt’s African legacy.

Because of its scope, depth, authority, and its design for the widest possible access, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt serves a remarkable variety of readers – students, teachers, and scholars in fields ranging from Near East archeology and classics to ancient art, architecture, history, language and religion, as well as general readers fascinated by a world that remains-even today-incompletely mapped. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt is available in print and as an e-reference text from Oxford’s Digital Reference Shelf.



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