Unlearning White Superiority


I was raised when Jim crow was the law when there were white and colored drinking fountains, white and colored bathrooms, white and colored doors to enter a building. Blacks were not allowed to eat in white restaurants, ride in the front of the bus, set in the main auditorium in the movie theaters, courtrooms, etc. could not attend the same schools, had to give in to whites when there was no seat for whites. Blacks were looked at as people that were tolerated if they stayed in their place, and their place was in a position of subservient to all whites. What happened to a nation full of churches and people who claim to be Christian, yet they never saw anything wrong? The people who were in the superior position only saw things as it affected them, black folk were not even considered because they were looked on as less than human, without the need for the same rights as the white man. And the white man’s philosophy was, it is our world, don’t interfere with what we have going on, we are doing good, everything is running well, our families are good we have good homes, jobs, incomes, nothing to bother us. That is why we can make statements like make America great again because the white man thought he was doing good in this great America when he had the blacks in their place. But if you were to look at the same America through the eyes of the black folks, you would see an entirely different America that you would not consider great.



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