Voices of Ancient Egypt: Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life

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Supporting the current trends toward document-based teaching, this book introduces the reader to the multifaceted world of ancient Egypt through revealing excerpts from 51 texts written by Egyptians themselves. A wealth of evidence survives to tell the stories of ancient Egypt, including monuments, artifacts, paintings, sculptures, human remains, and literature. But there is yet another way to access this fascinating culture-through original writings that span the period from circa 3100 BCE to 400 CE. This book’s 51 documents include schoolboys’ letters and exercises, prayers, hymns, love poems, narratives, historical inscriptions, medical and mathematical texts, and religious and funerary inscriptions. Most of the texts are penned by Egyptians, but another perspective is added through the inclusion of commentary about Egypt by the Greek historian Herodotus. The documents are divided into sections to shed light on numerous aspects of Egyptian life including domestic values and household provision, economics, intellectual concerns, government and warfare, recreational life, and religious beliefs and practices. Each section provides historical context and discusses the meaning and significance of the individual excerpt. The work highlights related themes and ideas to encourage students to explore the legacy of ancient Egypt in an essay, paper, drama production, or class presentation. * Offers a fresh yet accessible approach to the study of ancient Egypt by giving readers firsthand insights into Egyptians’ own perceptions of their unique world * Illuminates the character and social history of the ancient Egyptians as well as many aspects of daily life and practice * Shows how the extensive timespan of ancient Egyptian civilization and its domination of the surrounding geographical areas exerted a profound influence that lasted through time * Demonstrates how significant aspects of ancient Egyptian culture have been transmitted to the modern world * Includes “Topics and Activities to Consider” to encourage discussion and allow readers to expand their knowledge



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